About Us

John Seymour is a national authority on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (advanced communication skills), and has had 30 years’experience of teaching, coaching and consulting. His company jsnlp (jsnlp.co.uk) is based in Bristol and has the reputation of providing some of the best NLP training in the UK. He has three honorary training awards, has co-authored three books on NLP and is published in 14 languages.

Susan Quilliam has a passion for helping people have the best relationships they can possibly have – her work in the field spans coaching, writing, broadcasting, training and consulting. Her background is in psychology and counselling and she has written 22 books published in 33 countries, including How to Choose a Partner for the global training organisation The School of Life; she was also named UK Dating Expert of the Year in the UK Dating Awards 2015. (susanquilliam.com)

John started to explore computer dating in the late sixties. His pioneering research on the skills of the most effective online daters then led Susan – who has worked with several online dating sites – to join him in teaching and coaching on the topic and in writing the 16,000 words of guidance material featured on this site.

Both John and Susan have successfully dated online and want to help others do the same.